Certificate For Aadhaar Enrolment Update Form Pdf in Hindi & English With Photo

Do you know that the Aadhaar card is much important for you? Yes, it is, because if you want to apply for scholarships or schemes launched by the government then you will definitely need this card. You can also get many benefits and concessions through it. There are a majority of people in India who have applied for an Aadhaar card but filled the wrong details in the form. In this post, you will get Certificate for Aadhaar Enrolment Update Form Pdf Free in Hindi & English to correct those mistakes.

This form will help you to make corrections like Name, House Number, Email, Identity/Address, Date of Birth, District, Mobile No, Area, Landmark, Resident Details, and everything that you want to update. You can also learn how to fill up the Aadhaar update form with the help of prefilled certificate samples. We also provide its old and latest versions, so you can get it which is required. For more details, you can read below complete.

Get Different Types of Certificate for Aadhaar Enrolment Update Form Pdf

If you are facing difficulty while searching different Aadhaar enrolment update forms, we have tried to collect possible categories here. These certificates are issued by Gazetted Officer, MLA, MP, Village Panchayat Head (VPH), or VAO, Tehsildar with photo evidence.  You can get all types of correction forms in both MS Word (editable) and Pdf HD below.

Form TypesLanguageDocx (Editable)Pdf
Annexure 1English + HindiDownloadDownload
Gazetted OfficerEnglish + HindiDownloadDownload
MLA (Member Legislative Assembly)English + HindiDownloadDownload
MP (Member of Parliament)English + HindiDownloadDownload
UIDAIEnglish + Hindi DownloadDownload
TehsildarEnglish + HindiDownloadDownload
VAO (Village Administrative Officer)English + HindiDownloadDownload
PAN (Permanent Account Number)English + HindiDownloadDownload
CouncilorEnglish + HindiDownloadDownload
Standard Format (Applicable For All)English + HindiDownloadDownload

How to Fill Aadhaar Enrolment Update Form?

There are two ways to fill Aadhaar Enrolment Update Form, you can choose one of them which is easy for you.

Online Update

You can easily fill Aadhaar correction form by following these steps:

  • Login to your account using the number.
  • You will receive an OTP, enter it and sign in to the account.
  • Now, click on your profile and see what wrong details you want to update
  • Click on edit and put the updated details in the box, the information may be your name, address, email, or anything.
  • The next step is to review your filled details and then click on the (save) button to save the changes.
  • The updated details will show after some days, you have to check regularly the status of your application.
  • When the status changes from “In Progress” to “Updated”, then congratulations the work is completed.

Offline Update

This can be done by visiting Aadhaar card center, follow the given steps for updating details offline:

  1. Visit the office of Aadhaar card near you, tell the officers that you want to update the details on Aadhaar card.
  2. They will give you a form, fill it with your new details carefully.
  3. Attach all the required documents and also give a thumb impression on it.
  4. After filling the application form you have to submit it to the sitting staff, they once recheck the form and provide you a slip.
  5. According to the officials it will take 90 days for updating your details
  6. If more than 90 days are passed and still your information is not updated. Then, visit the Aadhaar card center again and tell them the issue. Also take the slip with you that is provided by center while filling the form.
  7. We hope, your issue will be resolved soon.

Required Documents

The details we need for filling Aadhaar update form are:

  1. Ration Card
  2. Passport
  3. PAN Card
  4. Voter ID
  5. Driving License
  6. ID card
  7. Kisan Passbook
  8. Credit Card Statement
  9. Marriage Certificate with Photo
  10. Utility Bills (not older than 3 months)
  11. Pensioner Card
  12. Birth Certificate
  13. SSLC Certificate
  14. Related Government Board Issued Mark sheet

There are also other details mentioned in the form, you can read all of them by getting the form.

Guidelines For Applicants

These instructions will help you to fill the Aadhaar card enrolment update form without making any mistakes. So read them carefully:

  • As the application form is valid for just 3 months, so always check the validity of the form before filling.
  • If you have filled the expired update form then it is not acceptable, you have to fill and submit a new form.
  • Don’t make mistakes on the form and avoid overwriting.
  • Must avoid any cutting and text going out of the box.
  • Properly print your thumb impression on the form.
  • Provide all your details and documents with the correction form. If anyone of the document is missing, your application will not be accepted.
  • Don’t lose your slip ever, because it is proof and help if your information is not updated.
  • The size of the photo that you have to attach must be 4.41cm X 12.91cm.


How Much Time Does it Take to Update Aadhaar Card Details?

If you have submitted the Aadhaar enrolment update request online then it will take a short time. Your details will be updated within 2-3 days or maximum in a week. But, if you have submitted an offline Aadhaar correction form then according to the officials it will take 3 months to update your details.

How to Change Address in Aadhaar Card?

You can change the address on Aadhaar card online and offline easily. We recommend you to do online changes because it is simple and requires not much time. For online, visit the official website of Aadhaar card and log in to your account. Now, find the address box there and click on the edit option. Put your right address there and again recheck that it is right. Click the save button,  on average it will take 2-3 days to update details.

If you want to change address offline then visit the Aadhaar card center, fill address update request form and submit it there. It will take some days to get updated. So, the online method is quick and best for you.

Is Biometric Update in Aadhaar Card important?

Biometric verification of your fingerprints on the Aadhaar card is very important. Because in some cases people forget their login and other data or want to update their wrong details. Through biometric, they can easily make changes without any other id proof. If you are updating details on your Aadhaar card then the system also asks for biometric verification then you have to give your thumb impression. It is right that your thumbprints are stored in the database but you have to provide them again for matching.

How to Correct Mistakes on Aadhaar Card if I don’t have a photo ID?

This is not a big deal, you can use other details like utility bills, cell number, bank account number, and others as proof. When you provide these details then you can easily update mistakes on the Aadhaar card form online and offline.

Is there any Fee to Pay For Aadhaar Card Enrolment Update Form?

No, there is no need to pay any fee because it is free. You can easily make changes in the Aadhaar card form online and offline that is free of cost.

What if I don’t have Any Proof & Want to update my Address?

Those people who are living on rent or do not have any address proof, cannot update their address on the Aadhaar card. So what to do now? Don’t worry we have a solution, go to your bank and request them to change address details. If they ask for address proof then provide surety to give permanent address details to the bank within some months. If they agreed then you will get an application form to fill up. You have to fill it properly and submit it to the bank. Now, they will provide an official bank slip to you that helps you to change your address.

I have lost my Aadhaar Card Registered Mobile Number – Can I Update Details without OTP?

No, you can’t change the details like address, name, and phone number without OTP verification.  Its solution is, visit your nearest Aadhaar card center and get an application or correction form from there. Now fill it carefully with your new phone number, ID card & PAN number. Don’t forget to give your biometric information on the correction form for verification.  They will provide a receipt of the Update Request Number (URN) as proof that you have requested changing details. It takes up to two weeks to update your information with a new number. In case, if you don’t lose the mobile then the whole process will be completed in a few time.

Last Words

This article contains all possible information related to the Certificate for Aadhaar Enrolment Update Form Pdf. We have also covered the most asked questions here with answers. If you have any questions related to this topic then feel free to comment below, we quickly answer them. Thanks for giving your precious time here!

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