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In this article, you will get chapter wise collection of Class 12 Physics Handwritten Notes Pdf free. Many of the position holders read these notes and got good marks in physics. Students also search for physics notes by Aman Dhattarwal, but I think you should go for handwritten notes. Because you will get a simple and easy explanation of the topic with extra examples.

Chapters of Class 12 Physics Handwritten Notes

There are 15 chapters of the class 12 physics book that are given below with some details. For complete details of the topics, you have to read the notes carefully.

Electric Charges & Fields

In this chapter, you will learn about how electric charges work. How they work in conductors and insulators. It also covers important topics like electric fields, field lines, flux and dipole, gauss’s law, coulomb’s law, and others.

Electrostatic Potential & Capacitance

This chapter talks about potential due to an electric dipole, a point charge, and a system of charges. The potential energy of a system of charges and in an external field including capacitor, capacitance, polarization, dielectric and other topics are also explained in this 2nd chapter.

Current Electricity

The 3rd chapter of current electricity tells you about electric current in conductors, ohm’s law and its limitations, internal resistance, EMF, cells, and Kirchhoff’s Rules. You will able to know the working of Wheatstone bridge, Meter Bridge, and Potentiometer with its diagrams.

Moving Charges & Magnetism

The 4th chapter contains important topics like magnetic force, motion in magnetic and combined electric fields, Ampere’s circuital law, solenoid & toroid, torque on a current loop, and others.

Magnetism and Matter

In the 5th chapter, you will cover the topic of magnetism, Gauss’s law, a bar magnet, earth’s magnetism, magnetic properties, and electromagnetism.

Electromagnetic Induction

You are going to read experiments of Henry, Farady, magnetic flux, faraday’s law of induction, Lenz’s law, eddy currents, inductance, and other topics in this chapter.

Alternating Current

In the 7th chapter, you will read about AC voltage applied to an inductor, capacitor, resistor, and series LCR circuit. The topics like LC oscillations, transformers, and power in AC circuits are also under consideration.

Electromagnetic Waves

The chapter electromagnetic waves include subtopics like displacement current, electromagnetic waves, and spectrum.

Ray Optics & Optical Instruments

In the 9th chapter, you will read about the reflection of light, refraction, total internal reflection, refraction through a prism, dispersion by a prism, and others.

Wave Optics

The 10th chapter on wave optics tells you about Huygens principle, reflection and refraction of planes waves, coherent and incoherent addition of waves, Young’s experiment, Interference of light waves and diffraction.

Dual Nature of Radiation & Matter

The topics included in this chapter are electron emission, photoelectric effect and its experimental study, wave theory of light, Einstein’s photoelectric equation, Germer and Davisson experiment.


In the 12th chapter of atoms, you are going to read about Rutherford’s nuclear model, alpha particle scattering, atomic spectra, Bohr’s model and line of spectra of the hydrogen atom and DE Broglie’s explanation.


This chapter covers the topics like atomic masses, composition and size of the nucleus, nuclear and mass-energy, nuclear force and radioactivity.

Semiconductor Devices

The 14th chapter will tell you about the classification of conductors, semiconductors and metals, Intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, P-N junction, junction transistor, logic gates, integrated circuits and others.

Communication Systems

In the last 15th chapter you will read about elements of the communication system and its basic terminology, modulation, amplitude modulation, production and detection of the amplitude-modulated wave.

Available languages of the Notes

You can get these notes easily in all languages including Hindi, English, Marathi and Gujarati. According to us, these are the popular languages of India and if you want in another language just contact us we will provide you free.

Are Class 12 Physics Notes Handwritten by Toppers?

Actually these physics notes are written by subject experts so you will get all the topics and explanation without any mistake. We have many students who studied them and gain top positions in the physics subject.

What Boards these Notes are Helpful For?

They are much helpful for every board in India. You just have to select the notes according to your language and start preparing them. We have listed below the names of boards in which students can study the physics notes.

  • CBSE
  • UP Board
  • RBSE
  • State Board
  • ICSE

How to Download Class 12 Physics Handwritten Notes pdf free?

We have provided the chapter-wise notes in the pdf form, you can get the notes below according to your language. If it does not work or creating any issue then feel free to contact us. We will fix it as soon as possible.

No.Chapter NameIn EnglishIn HindiIn Gujarati
1Electric Charges & FieldsDownloadDownloadDownload
2Electrostatic Potential & CapacitanceDownloadDownloadDownload
3Current ElectricityDownloadDownloadDownload
4Moving Charges & MagnetismDownloadDownloadDownload
5Magnetism and MatterDownloadDownloadDownload
6Electromagnetic InductionDownloadDownloadDownload
7Alternating CurrentDownloadDownloadDownload
8Electromagnetic WavesDownloadDownloadDownload
9Ray Optics & Optical InstrumentsDownloadDownloadDownload
10Wave OpticsDownloadDownloadDownload
11Dual Nature of Radiation & MatterDownloadDownloadDownload
14Semiconductor DevicesDownloadDownloadDownload
15Communication SystemsDownloadDownloadDownload


Notes are very full for the preparation of exams then a helping guide or guess papers. Because notes are prepared by that subject specialist that covers every point with simple and easy explanation. You will get extra examples, questions, answers, and exercises of every chapter that make your concepts clear and also help to gain good marks.

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