NCERT Class 7 Computer Book Pdf For CBSE, ICSE, State & Other Boards

Hello Students, this blog post is about how to get NCERT Class 7 Computer Book Pdf free in English and Hindi.  It covers all topics related to the computer and its components such as CPUs, motherboards, RAMs, hard disks, etc. The book also provides information on how these components work together to make a functioning system. It will help you understand how computers work and what they are capable of doing for us in our daily lives.

Chapter Wise NCERT Computer Book Pdf Class 7

We have given a list of chapters of the computer book below, it contains all the topics that you are going to read. It is best for all types of boards like the Maharashtra Board, State Board, CBSE, ICSE, and others. You can get pdf book in both English and Hindi from the given box.

Chapter 1:  Computer Software

In this chapter, you will learn about software, types of software, system software, application software, and system suite.

Chapter 2:  Number System

The second chapter tells you about Binary Systems, Number Systems, Conversion to and from Number Systems, Bits, and Bytes.

Chapter 3:  Advanced Features in MS-Excel

The 3rd chapter will tell you in detail about MS-Excel. You will learn Microsoft Excel, Formula, Function, Calculating Loan Terms, Optimizing a Result with Goal Seek, Finding Products and Square Roots, Adding Conditional Sum, Generating a Series, Understanding Database List, Creating a Database Table, Adding Records Using a Data Form, Editing Records, Setting Data Validation Tools, Sorting Records and Filtering Data with AutoFilter.

Chapter 4:  Charts in MS-Excel

In the 4th chapter you will study Charts in MS-Excel, Types of Charts, Components of Charts, Creating a Chart, Moving and Resizing a Chart, Changing the Type of Chart, Changing the Style of Chart, Changing the Layout of Chart, Adding Title to Chart, Inserting SmartArt Chart and Inserting Sparklines.

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Chapter 5:  Introduction to HTML

This chapter will tell you about Introduction, HTML, HTML Editors, Web Browser for HTML, Steps For Creating Web Pages, and Viewing HTML Code in a Browser.

Chapter 6:  More on HTML

You are going to read HTML, Creating and Saving Web Page, Basic HTML Tags, Displaying Web Page in a Browser, Paragraph, and Formatting in the 6th chapter.

This chapter gives details about HTML Tags, Images in Web Pages, Using Images, Centering an Image, Increasing the Size of Image, Aligning an Image Horizontally and Vertically, Adding Space around Image, Wrapping Text between Two Images, Adding Border to An Image, Adding Horizontal Rule, Links and Tables.

Chapter 8:  Introduction to MS-Access

In the 8th chapter you will read about Database, Components of MS-Access, Starting Access, Creating a Blank Database, Understanding Access Window, Creating Database using Template, Opening a Database File, Changing the Navigation Pain View, Opening and Closing Objects.

Chapter 9: Services of Internet

Subtopics like the Internet, World Wide Web, Protecting Yourself on the Web, Entertainment on the Web, Sharing Photos on the Web, Social Networking, Blogging, WhatsApp Messenger, Web App, Video Conferencing, FTP, and E-Commerce are discussed in the 9th chapter.

Chapter 10: Computer Network

In the last chapter 10, you will read about Computer Network, Network Hardware, Need for a Network, Types of Network, Network Topology, and Network Operating System.

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How to Get CBSE Class 7 Computer Book Pdf Free?

You can get NCERT Class 7 Computer Book Pdf easily in Hindi and English both languages. It also contains chapter-wise tests, model paper tests, with detailed answers. Get your computer book free below.

Book FormatPdf
Book NameComputer Book
For ClassClass 7
Available LanguageEnglish + Hindi
Pdf Size11 Mb
Readability Excellent
For BoardBest for All Indian Boards
Available in EnglishDownload
Available in HindiDownload


This book is a great resource for students to learn about computers. It has been specially designed to be used in class 7 so it’s easy enough for students who are just starting out. The explanations and examples are clear and concise, the exercises have solutions at the back of the book. Another great thing about this book is that there’s a teacher’s guide online which includes PowerPoint presentations, videos, sample tests, and other materials.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post and found it insightful. If so, please let us know by leaving a comment below or sharing it with your friends and class fellows. In the meantime, we’ll be working hard to bring you more high-quality content like this in the future!

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