IGNOU Project Status Report Check Using Official Link & Control Number

In this article, you can easily check IGNOU Project Status and we will tell you how to do that. As you know, most of the time IGNOU extends its assignment or project submission dates because of some issues. But, you have to be ready every time before the last date. You have submitted your project and also cleared the viva and now want to check that, is my project approved or rejected? So, here we will tell you the procedure of checking the project status of MS, MBA, MCA, BCA, DNHE, MTTM, MARD, BA, NTT, MCW, Bcom, MCSP, MRDP, RDD, BTS, DECE, PGDRD, and other degree programs.

Steps to Check IGNOU Project Status

We know you have completed your project, submitted it to the university, and want an enquiry about your project status. So, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Search your degree name given in the table below.
  2. Click the link “Check Here”, then you will visit IGNOU official website portal.
  3. Now enter your 10 digits enrollment number correctly.
  4. The next step is to select your program from the given list.
  5. After completing these two steps, click on the “Submit” button.
  6. Here you will see the approval status of your project.
  7. For getting more details you can check your grade card.
  8. In case, if your project status is not updating then you can visit IGNOU and tell them the issue.
Degree NameCheck Project Status
MSCheck Here
MBACheck Here
MCACheck Here
BCACheck Here
DNHECheck Here
MTTMCheck Here
MARDCheck Here
PGDTCheck Here
BACheck Here
NTTCheck Here
MCW Check Here
BcomCheck Here
MCSPCheck Here
MRDPCheck Here
RDDCheck Here
BTSCheck Here
DECECheck Here
MAPCCheck Here
PGDRDCheck Here
AHE1Check Here
AMT01Check Here
PTS (4,5,6)Check Here
OthersCheck Here

Check IGNOU Project Status by Control Number

Many students who forget or don’t have enrollment number can check their IGNOU project status by control number. The control number is given to every new student who is freshly admitted to the IGNOU. The process of checking status through control is the same as we have discussed above. Just enter your control number in the box, select your course name, and click on submit button. In, this way you can see the project report status easily.

There is also a personal account of every IGNOU candidate, you can also log in to your account and check these details. If you don’t have, then simply enter the enrollment or control number to check the status.


If my Project is Accepted Will I receive any Acceptance SMS from IGNOU?

Yes, you will receive an acceptance message from IGNOU that your project has been approved or not. If you will get any type of issue or your project is not accepted then you can call the university’s helpline number for more guidance. We have given their contact number below.

IGNOU Project Status Contact Number: (011-29532294)

Email: (1) projects@ignou.ac.in (2) sureshchugh@ignou.ac.in

In how much time does IGNOU update status of the Project Synopsis?

You are not the only one whose the university has to check synopsis, there is a lot of other students that have submitted their projects. So IGNOU will take some time to check your synopsis and then respond to you, the duration may be of 45 days after you have submitted your project. After this duration, your status will be updated if you have not made any mistakes in the project.

What will happen if someone does not submit his/her project?

When you get admission to the IGNOU, there is a lot of time between the submissions of a project from the first day. You have to prepare your project at that time and you can do it easily as the majority of candidates have done. But, if you have missed the date or not submitted the project on time during the full course duration then they will not accept your project after the last date. You have to take readmission and submit all the things from start. So, don’t take risks and submit the project on time.

How to Check Plagiarism of IGNOU Project Synopsis?

IGNOU has officially provided an anti-plagiarism software named (URKUND). This software easily detects plagiarism in your project synopsis. Access to this tool is given to the teachers who check your synopsis, but you can also check by logging into your student account. You have to upload your synopsis file in the tool, it will analyze the file within no time and provide you the whole report.

What if I Submitted Plagiarized Project Synopsis?

As IGNOU has its own plagiarism checker, they analyze all the projects of the students through this tool. If your project has plagiarism then they will not accept it and do not give clearance in the project section. You will be considered fail, so never try to do that. Always make your project unique with zero plagiarism.

Final Thoughts

Now you can easily check your IGNOU project status with the help of the given information here. It’s mandatory to submit your project on time and if you are facing any type of issue related to your project status then contact us or call on the university’s helpline. We hope they will quickly solve your issue with complete guidance. If you want to share something regarding this article then comment below. We love to see your thoughts!

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