Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh Pdf – Latest Edition For UPSC Exams in Hindi and English

Hello! Learners the recommended source for preparing UPSC Civil Services Exams is Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh Pdf free book. The book covers all the economic ups and downs during the pandemic and how the government managed and boost economy again. According to the UPSC point of view, Sir Ramesh tries his best to cover all the information in this book.

Features of Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh Pdf Book

  • It covers all the syllabus that is supervised by UPSC
  • It gives basic to advance level understanding
  • Provide details about Union Budget of the Year and Economy Survey
  • It provides exam-based presentation of the Socio-Economic Issues
  • Difficult ‘Concepts’ & ‘Terms’ are briefly explained in the Glossary
  • It provides the latest and relevant question-answers with easy explanations for both Mains and Preliminary exams
  • For getting monthly updates about the book you can install their app from the play store.

How many editions of the book?

The latest edition of the book is 13th and there are total 13 editions of this book till 2021. You can easily find all editions on the internet but we prefer to take its latest release because it covers all the previous material including question answers and MCQs.

Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh Pdf

Table of Contents

There are 21 chapters of the latest 13th edition book, you can read their names chapter-wise below. The last part includes all the question answers and MCQs that come in previous exams.

  1. Introduction
  2. Growth, Development, and Happiness
  3. Evolution of the Indian Economy
  4. Economic Planning
  5. Planning in India
  6. Economic Reforms
  7. Inflation and Business Cycle
  8. Agriculture and Food Management
  9. Industry and Infrastructure
  10. Services Sector
  11. Indian Financial Market
  12. Baking in India
  13. Insurance in India
  14. Security Market in India
  15. External Sector in India
  16. International Economic Organizations & India
  17. Tax Structure in India
  18. Public Finance in India
  19. Sustainability and Climate Change of India and the Whole World
  20. Human Development in India
  21. Burning Socio-Economic Issues


  • Selected MCQs
  • Selected Model Answers
  • Economic Survey 2021-2022
  • Union Budget 2021-2022
  • Glossary

Details about Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh Pdf

Author =                               Ramesh Singh         

Total Pages =                      736

Language =                          English

Publishers =                        (TMH) Tata McGraw Hill

Publication Date =            5 May 2021

Availability =                      In Stock

Replacement Time =        10 Days Only

Book Weight =                   950 Grams

Pdf Size=                              10Mb

Price=                                    ₹ 420

Other languages of the book

Many people search Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh book in Hindi, English, Telugu, Marathi, and Gujarati. You can easily get the English and Hindi version from online stores like Amazon and Flipkart. It also available in other languages but not in the latest editions, you will only get old versions in Marathi, Telugu, and Gujarati languages.

How to Get Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh Pdf?

This book is protected by copyright so we will not share it. If we share it publicly then we will face legal action. So we suggest you buy this book from its available seller. We have our own purchased version and for that, you have to contact us on the Facebook page that is given below. We will provide a google drive link that may help you for the preparation of the exam.

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Final Thoughts

Dear readers, we will suggest you read this book in hard form instead of pdf. The reason is, you can study at any time and also highlight the important points. In this way, you will get more focus, interest and also save your time. This book gives surety to gain good marks in the exams. So, start reading it now.


1. How to read Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh Pdf?

It’s all depends on you because some students have more focus and others take time to pick the topic. Aspirants are also curious to know that in how many days we can read this full book. The answer is simple, if you are a bright student in studies then you can easily read it within some weeks. If you are an average student then don’t worry you can also read it completely within some weeks because of its simple explanation.

2. Is it profitable for 2022 & upcoming year exams?

Yes, it is very profitable if you are going to take part in UPSC exams. Many students think they will purchase an old edition of the book at a low price. That’s why they miss many important questions and topics because of the old version. As competitive exams are held every year so the book also upgrades to a new edition that contains recently occurred UPSC exams information. So always buy a new 13th edition and get ready for ultimate exam preparation.

3. Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh vs Nitin Singhania vs Sriram vs Sanjiv Verma – Which is best?

The main difficulty that students face is the readability and topic explanation of the book. No doubt, the other Indian economy books have also a good worth but you should choose Sir Ramesh Singh’s book. Because it has all the material that is explained thoroughly. You can easily pick every topic even if you are a fresh aspirant. The other best thing in his book is that you can easily prepare for Preliminary and Mains exams, it also available in both English and Hindi medium.

I have personally taken a survey in which most of the students are talking about choosing Ramesh Singh’s Indian Economy book. Now, it’s your decision about which book you are going to buy.

4. Is Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh enough for UPSC, IAS, and RBI Grade B?

Yes, you can prepare for your exams very well through this book. Because, it contains all the syllabus given by UPSC and other Government exams including questions, objectives, and exercises. This book will help you in the following examinations:

  • CAPF
  • RBI
  • IAS
  • IPS
  • CGL
  • PCS
  • SSC
  • CDS

Author Bio

Ramesh Singh is a brilliant writer that wrote many books in Hindi and English. He also shares his experience of 2 decades with the aspirants who are taking part in CSE or other competitive exams. He is a popular columnist at Yojana and Kurukshetra. Civil services candidates love Mr. Singh so much due to his famous courses on the Economy.

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