Lucent GK Pdf – Read Comparison & Know Which Book is Best for Competitive Exams

The Lucent GK books are the most comprehensive books on general knowledge ever written. These books are a must-read for anyone who is preparing for competitive exams like Banking, Railway, SSC (Cgl, Chsl, & JEs), BPSC, AFCAT, NDA, NTSE, CDS, CLAT, UPSC (Prelims & Mains), CMAT, Police, HCS, State PCS, IAS, Judiciary, and many more. As you know, Lucent publications have different books to prepare for exams. In this article, you will get all pdf books with the latest edition in any language.

What is Lucent GK about?

Lucent GK is a set of books that provide general knowledge of history, science, environment, economy, geography, biology, current affairs, & others. Lucent is very popular for general knowledge books because they have designed a lot of books for students who are going to attend competitive exams. These books contain subjective as well as objective-type questions. You have to learn both because the objective is for building your concepts and the objective is for making your practice stronger.

Lucent Publications All Books List

There are a lot of students searching for a complete collection of Lucent’s General Knowledge and other books with their names. So, here we have compiled the list of all books published by Lucent publications.

  • Baal Vikash Avam Shikshashastra
  • Bihar ka Bhoogol
  • Bihar Samanya Gyan
  • Chattisgarh Samanya Gyan
  • Chemistry for Class 12(CBSC)
  • Chemistry for Class 11 (CBSC)
  • Complete Mathematics
  • Complete Mathematics Part -1
  • Complete Statistics
  • Computer (English + Hindi Version)
  • General English (English + Hindi Version)
  • General Knowledge
  • General Science
  • General Study of Indian Economy
  • General Study of Ecology & Environment
  • Haryana Samanya Gyan
  • High School English Grammar & Translation
  • Hindi Vyakaran Adhigam
  • Jawahar Navoday Vidyalaya – Pravesh Pariksha Guide
  • Jharkhand Samanya Gyan
  • Junior English Grammar
  • Junior English Translation
  • Junior General Knowledge
  • Language of Chemistry
  • Learn English Essay & Letter (Part 1)
  • Learn English Essay & Letter (Part 3)
  • Learn English Grammar (Part 1,2,3,4,5)
  • Learn English Translation (Part 1,2,3,4,5)
  • Madhya Pradesh Samanya Gyan
  • Marketing, Economics & Banking
  • Objective General Knowledge
  • Prarambhik Mansik Yogyata
  • Prathmik Ankganit
  • Primary Arithmetic
  • Railway Ganit
  • Railway Reasoning
  • Rajasthan Samanya Gyan
  • Rasayan Ki Bhasha
  • Sainik School Prawesh Praiksha (Practice Book)
  • Samanya Addhyan (Bharat ka Bhoogol)
  • Samanya Addhyan – Parishthitiki avam Paryawaran (Ecology & Environment)
  • Samanya Addhyan (Prachin Bharat)
  • Samanya Adhyayan (Bhartiya Arthvyavastha)
  • Samanya Gyan
  • Samanya Gyan?
  • Samanya Hindi
  • Samanya Vigyan
  • Sampuran Hindi Vyakaran Aur Rachna
  • Sanskrit Viyakaran Aur Rachna
  • SSC Higher Mathematics (English + Hindi Version)
  • Uttar Pradesh Samanya Gyan
  • Vastunishth Samanya Gyan
  • Vayu Sena Bharti Pariksha Ganit
  • Vayusena Bharti Pariksha (Bhautuki)
  • Vayusena Bharti Pariksha (Group X & Y)
  • Vayusena Bharti Pariksha English
  • Verbal Reasoning (English + Hindi Version)
  • Vipanan, Arthshastra avam Banking

Best Way to Read & Remember Lucent GK Book

Lucent GK has subjective and objective that is perfectly organized so any type of student can easily understand it. If you want to prepare for your exams, especially ssc cgl,cds, upsc, rrb ntpc, then first see how much is your syllabus. Let’s say you have to cover 20 chapters and 2 months left in your exams. Then you can read 1 chapter in 2 days easily with complete details and MCQs. Still, 20 days left in your exams then you have to revise all the chapters one by one. This way you can cover the complete syllabus and gain good marks.

But, if there is one or half month left in the exams then how to prepare all the syllabus in this short time? The answer is simple, get assistance from your teacher and ask him to highlight the important question according to the paper’s point of view. Spend maximum hours daily to cover all the important questions and also do the practice. For example, if there are 15 days left in the exams and you have 10 chapters to cover. Then read 1 chapter per day and in the last 4 days try to revise all the syllabus. You can also make your own timetable but the main thing is, always focus on getting the concept.

How to remember?

There is a well-known proverb “Practice makes a man perfect”. You have to follow this rule. Give 2-3 hours daily to lucent gk book and solve questions. It has 538 pages so you can cover 4 pages in 3 hours per day and it takes 50-60 days to complete. You can also maximize the pages if there is less time left in the exams. This daily practice will help you to remember the lessons that you have read.

Lucent GK Book Available Languages

Lucent GK is famous all over India, as you know the students speak different languages in different parts of India. There is a need to translate the book into other languages so other students can easily learn them and get benefits. Luckily lucent is available in multiple languages, you can download lucent gk pdf according to your related language and start reading.

1General EnglishDownload
2Himachal PradeshHindiDownload
9Madhya PradeshHindiDownload
10Tamil NaduTamilDownload
12BiharHindi Download
13Andhra PradeshTeluguDownload

As we have sorted all types of Lucent GK books according to languages and states, you can download them free.

Lucent GK Comparison with Other Books

Lucent GK vs Arihant GK by Manohar Pandey – Should I read both?

I’ve gone through both books but I found Arihant Gk the best. Because they covered all the topics in detail & to the point. It is also the best option for the preparation of ssc cgl, tnpsc, & other competitive exams. Lucent’s GK is also a good book but if someone asks me to choose one of them, then I will choose Arihant’s GK.

Lucent GK Subjective vs Objective vs Kiran – Which is better for SSC CGL?

If you want to prepare for SSC CGL then you must read the lucent gk subjective section. For solid preparation, you have to add Kiran’s GK to your list because it increases topic accuracy and also helps in revision. If there is less time left in exams and you want to revise the syllabus then the lucent gk objective section is best that helps to do complete revision within a short time. So, use the combo of Lucent Subjective and Kiran’s GK for the preparation of SSC.

Lucent GK vs Crown GK – What is the main difference?

Every book follows a different style for covering topics, one book is providing easy details of the difficult topic so everyone can easily understand and the other book provides hard ways to cover the topic. The case of lucent & crown gk is same because if you go to the general science section the book crown provides a better and easy explanation that lucent covered in a difficult way. So, you can read both books and follow the easy solution instead of the hard one.

Lucent GK vs Manorama Year Book – Which One is Easy to Understand?

Both are good books for preparing General Knowledge (GK), but if you want to learn from basic to advanced level then go for lucent gk. Because they have covered important questions deeply that are easy to understand. It also covered the complete syllabus that a student needs to pass a competitive exam.


Lucent GK is enough for What Type of Competitive Exams?

Many aspirants are curious to know which exams we can clear with the help of the Lucent GK book. As it is a collection of general information about different topics like history and economy & also covers the syllabus of all competitive exams so anyone can read it for the preparation. We have mentioned below the popular exams that you can clear by preparing Lucent GK.

  • APSC
  • BPSC
  • Bank PO
  • CDS
  • CLAT
  • CTET
  • Delhi Police
  • IAS
  • NDA
  • PSC
  • State PCS
  • UPSC (Mains & Prelims)

Which Part of Lucent GK book is important in MPPSC?

Lucent GK is not enough if you want to prepare the full syllabus of the MPPSC exam. If you want to score good marks in prelims and mains then must follow other books and keep lucent for revision. The objective part of lucent gk is best for MPPSC because it helps to revise the complete syllabus.

Can Prelims be cracked by Only Lucent GK?         

As this book is just for general knowledge, you are not going to get a detailed explanation and your concepts will also not be clear. It only helps you to provide general questions that are not enough for passing UPSC Prelims. You can use the combination of Lucent and Arihant’s GK that will be sufficient to crack prelims or any other competitive exam.

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