NCERT Books for Class 1 – Get English, Maths, Hindi, EVS, & Urdu Free Pdf

Are you looking for CBSE NCERT books for class 1? Here you will get all subject books of class 1 that include English (Marigold & Raindrops), Hindi (Rimjhim), Math (Math Magic 1 & Ganit Ka Jadu 1), EVS, Urdu, and you can also download in pdf for reading. We have organized the textbooks chapter-wise so you can easily get them and start your daily learning. Never skip your studies, if you are tired by reading these books we also have provided their audiobooks.


It is necessary for every student who is going to start his/her primary education to make their basics strong especially in a subject like English. As you know there are bright and dull both types of students in this class. So, NCERT has perfectly designed the books in a way that everyone can easily memorize the lessons easily. In class 1 there are two types of books that students read. One is Marigold that has 10 Units and is divided into chapters 1 & 2, and the second is Raindrops that has 19 chapters. You can download them free and start preparing for exams.


Unit No.Chapter 1Chapter 2
Unit 1A Happy ChildThree Little Pigs
Unit 2After A BathBubble, Straw & the Shoe
Unit 3One Little KittenLalu & Peelu
Unit 4Once I saw a Little BirdMittu & the Yellow Mango
Unit 5Merry Go RoundCircle
Unit 6If I were an AppleOur Tree
Unit 7A KiteSundari
Unit 8A Little TurtleTiger & the Mosquito
Unit 9CloudsAnandi’s Rainbow
Unit 10Flying ManTailor & his Friend

Listen to chapter-wise audio of Marigold’s book here.


Chapter 1Clap, Clap, Clap
Chapter 2One, Two
Chapter 3The Little Bird
Chapter 4Bubbles
Chapter 5Chhotu
Chapter 6Animals and Birds
Chapter 7Fruits and Vegetables
Chapter 8Who am I?
Chapter 9Hide and Seek
Chapter 10Fun with Numbers
Chapter 11Shapes
Chapter 12Cats
Chapter 13Colors
Chapter 14Actions we do
Chapter 15Left and Right
Chapter 16The Lion And The Mouse
Chapter 17Morning and Evening
Chapter 18May I Come In?
Chapter 19Action Song


Students of class 1 are very young and energetic; they have high energy levels to learn new things. Sometimes it becomes difficult for some students to pick the lesson. So, NCERT has selected the book Rimjhim that contains images for easy understanding of kids. There are 23 chapters of this book and you can download their pdf free below.

Rimjhim Book Chapterwise

Chapter 1Download
Chapter 2Download
Chapter 3Download
Chapter 4Download
Chapter 5Download
Chapter 6Download
Chapter 7Download
Chapter 8Download
Chapter 9Download
Chapter 10Download
Chapter 11Download
Chapter 12Download
Chapter 13Download
Chapter 14Download
Chapter 15Download
Chapter 16Download
Chapter 17Download
Chapter 18Download
Chapter 19Download
Chapter 20Download
Chapter 21Download
Chapter 22Download
Chapter 23Download

Listen to chapter-wise audio of Rimjhim’s book here.


Mathematics is a little bit complex subject for young students because it contains some calculations. But, NCERT has made it much easy by adding pictures in the book. In this way, students can understand the topic and also solve problems easily. The English medium of this book is Math Magic 1 and the other Hindi medium is called Ganit Ka Jadu 1, you can download both free from below.

Math Magic 1 Book in English Version

Chapter 1Shapes & Space
Chapter 2Numbers from One to Nine
Chapter 3Addition
Chapter 4Subtraction
Chapter 5Number form Ten to Twenty
Chapter 6Time
Chapter 7Measurement
Chapter 8Numbers form Twenty-one to Fifty
Chapter 9Data Handling
Chapter 10Patterns
Chapter 11Numbers
Chapter 12Money
Chapter 13How Many

Math Magic 1 Book in Hindi Version (Ganit Ka Jadu 1)

Chapter 1आकार और स्थान
Chapter 2एक से नौ तक की संख्या
Chapter 3योग
Chapter 4घटाव
Chapter 5संख्या प्रपत्र दस से बीस
Chapter 6समय
Chapter 7माप
Chapter 8इक्कीस से पचास तक की संख्याएँ बनती हैं
Chapter 9डेटा संधारण
Chapter 10पैटर्न्स
Chapter 11नंबर
Chapter 12पैसे
Chapter 13कितने

EVS (Environmental Studies)

EVS is one of the best books of class 1 where kids read about human body structure with the help of images, animals, air, different types of weathers, plants, studying the universe, and others. There are 12 chapters of NCERT’s class 1 book EVS that we have given below. You can download pdf free and start your learning.

Chapter 1My Family
Chapter 2Living Things
Chapter 3Plant Life
Chapter 4Animal Life
Chapter 5Our Body
Chapter 6Food & Nutrition
Chapter 7Air & Water
Chapter 8Weather
Chapter 9Good Habits
Chapter 10Cleanliness
Chapter 11Safety & First Aid
Chapter 12Our Universe


Urdu is the major book of class 1 that helps students to learn basic understandings of the Urdu language. Kids can learn different Urdu words and memorize them with the help of given images. The name of the book by NCERT is Ibtedai Urdu-1, you can download its pdf chapter wise below:

Ibtedai Urdu 1

2ب، پ، ت، ٹ، ث
22نون غنہ
24حروف تہجی
26میرا گھر
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