NCERT Books For Class 2 All Subjects – Get Chapterwise Pdf

CBSE students who want NCERT Book for class 2 can easily get in this article. We have collected all the subjects that a class 2 student read in pdf form here. According to the syllabus, the books are English (Marigold, Raindrops), Hindi (Rimjhim), Math (Math Magic-2, Ganit & Riyazi Ka Jadu), EVS (Science), Computer, & Urdu (Ibtedai Urdu-2). You can download free pdf and audiobooks so read the post carefully.


English is a very important subject as it is the medium of communication and helps us in our daily life. Children have a great interest in reading stories, watching videos, and making presentations on different topics. These all will help them to improve their language. It is very important that they get proper knowledge of the language that will help them in the future.

So, NCERT has made two books for class 2 students that include grammar, questions, answers, summaries, & many other topics. Marigold and Raindrops are the English books that a class 2 student will read.


Class 2 marigold book has 10 units that you can download the free pdf here.

Unit No.Name
Unit 1First Day at School & Haldi’s Adventure
Unit 2I am Lucky & I Want
Unit 3A Smile & The Wind and the Sun
Unit 4Rain & Storm in the Garden
Unit 5Zoo Manners & Funny Bunny
Unit 6Mr. Nobody, Curlylocks & Three Bears
Unit 7On My Blackboard I can Draw & Make it Shorter
Unit 8I am the Music Man & The Mumbai Musicians
Unit 9Granny Please Comb my Hair & Magic Porridge Pot
Unit 10Strange Talk & Grasshopper and the Ant

If you want to listen audiobook of Marigold then click here


In the raindrops book of class 2 students will read different interesting poems, stories, and other lessons. If you want the whole book in pdf form then download it here.

1Action Song
2Our Day
3My Family
4What’s Going On?
5Mohan, The Potter
6Rain in Summer
7My Village
8Work People Do
10Our National Symbols
11Festivals of India
12Monkey & The Elephant
13Going to the Fair

If you are getting bored with reading books then you can also listen to the whole book Raindrops here

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The NCERT Class 2 Hindi textbook Rimjhim was made for students in primary grades. This book has a set of lesson activities for teaching students in grades 2. The book has been developed keeping in mind the curriculum for the NCERT, CBSE, and other State Boards of Education. It has a lesson plan with step-by-step instructions for teachers. The teacher can use the book for planning and preparation of the lesson plan. It contains questions, & answers to every chapter and you can also listen to audiobooks for a strong grip.


Chapter No.Name
Chapter 1ऊँट चला
Chapter 2भालू ने खेली फुटबॉल
Chapter 3म्याऊँ, म्याऊँ
Chapter 4अधिक बलवान कौन?
Chapter 5दोस्त की मदद
Chapter 6बहुत हुआ
Chapter 7मेरी किताब
Chapter 8तितली और कली
Chapter 9बुलबुल
Chapter 10मीठी सारंगी
Chapter 11टेसू राजा बीच बाजार
Chapter 12बस के नीचे बाघ
Chapter 13सूरज जल्दी आना जी
Chapter 14नटखट चूहा
Chapter 15एक्की-दोक्की

Listen to the complete audiobook of NCERT Rimjhim here


Math is an important subject that a student needs to know, it is called a pillar of education. It is one of the most challenging subjects for students but NCERT has made it much easy and understandable. The textbook from CBSE NCERT of class 2 comes with 3 different versions. The first one is Math Magic-2 in English language, the Second is Ganit Ka Jadu-2 in Hindi, and 3rd one is Riyazi Ka Jadu in the Urdu language. All of these books are available in pdf that you can download for free.

Math Magic 2

This book is especially for those class 2 students who want to learn math in the English medium. It has 15 chapters with detailed exercises and other activities.

Chapter 1What is Long, What is Round?
Chapter 2Counting in Groups
Chapter 3How Much Can You Carry?
Chapter 4Counting in Tens
Chapter 5Patterns
Chapter 6Footprints
Chapter 7Jugs & Mugs
Chapter 8Tens & Ones
Chapter 9My Funday
Chapter 10Add our Points
Chapter 11Lines & Lines
Chapter 12Give & Take
Chapter 13The Longest Step
Chapter 14Birds Come, Birds Go
Chapter 15How Many Ponytails?

For making your concepts stronger you can listen to Math Magic-2 audiobook here

Ganit Ka Jadu 2

Students who love the Hindi language or their schools suggested them reading Math in Hindi will follow Ganit Ka Jadu. This is the best ever book for class 2 students and they can download its pdf of 15 chapters from the given box below.

1क्या है लंबा, क्या है गोल?
2गिनो मगर समूह में
3तुम कितना वज़न उठा सकते हो?
4दस-दस में गिनो
6पैरों के निशान
7जग और मग
8करो मज़े – दस के साथ
9मज़ेदार दिन
10अंक जोड़ो
11रेखाएँ ही रेखाएँ
12लेना और देना
13सबसे लंबा कदम
14आते पक्षी जाते पक्षी
15कितनी चोटी हैं?

Riyazi Ka Jadu (Math in Urdu)

People speak different languages in different regions all across the world. There are about 100 Million Urdu language speakers in India. So, NCERT has designed a Math book for class 2 students with the title of Riyazi Ka Jadu. It became easy for students who want to learn in Urdu medium. In this way, they can easily pick the concept and basic things. This book also has 15 chapters in pdf, do not waste more time download the book and start learning.

Chapter 1کیا لمبا ہے، کیا گول ہے؟
Chapter 2گروپوں میں گنتی
Chapter 3آپ کتنا وزن لے جا سکتے ہیں؟
Chapter 4دہائیوں کی گنتی
Chapter 5پیٹرنس (نمونے)
Chapter 6پیروں کے نشان
Chapter 7جگ اور مگ
Chapter 8اکائیاں اور دہائیاں
Chapter 9میرا تفریح کا دن
Chapter 10ہمارے پوائنٹ جوڑیے
Chapter 11خطوط ہی خطوط
Chapter 12لینا اور دینا
Chapter 13سب سے لمبا قدم
Chapter 14چڑیوں کا آنا اور جانا
Chapter 15کتنی چوٹیاں


Science is a subject that every child should learn at the elementary school level. If a child starts understanding science from a young age, it will help them develop critical thinking skills. NCERT Class 2 EVS or Science Book is one of the most popular textbooks for school students. It covers a wide range of topics from the core science topics that form the base of a Science foundation. The book contains 24 chapters with Mcqs and questions. So, download the pdf here and start reading lessons one by one.

Lesson 1About Me
Lesson 2Growing Up
Lesson 3Clothes
Lesson 4Food
Lesson 5Health is Wealth
Lesson 6My Family
Lesson 7Recreation & Celebrations
Lesson 8Our Festivals
Lesson 9Our National Festivals
Lesson 10Our Houses
Lesson 11Cleaning the House
Lesson 12People Who Build Houses
Lesson 13A Good House & Neighbourhood
Lesson 14Occupation
Lesson 15The School
Lesson 16Keeping the School
Lesson 17Safety Habits
Lesson 18Means of Transport
Lesson 19Seasons
Lesson 20Our Beautiful Earth
Lesson 21Air Around Us
Lesson 22World of Plants
Lesson 23Uses of Plants
Lesson 24Animal Life


For class 2 students this is one of the best books by NCERT to learn about the fundamentals of computers. The book is easy to understand because it contains 9 chapters like Input and Output Devices, Activities using a mouse, paint, & keyboard, basic features of text editor, computer startup, shutdown, & others. There is also a pdf available that you can download here.

Lesson 1-9Click Here


NCERT Urdu book (Ibtedai-2) is the best source of learning the Urdu language for class 2 students. The book consists of many interesting stories and important topics that help to build the interest of a kid. It contains 20 chapters with proper exercises, you can download the book chapter-wise below.

Ibtedai Urdu 2

Chapter 1دعا
Chapter 2اچھا لڑکا
Chapter 3گھر اور گونسلا
Chapter 4سبزی والا
Chapter 5نیکی
Chapter 6سمجھ داری
Chapter 7ہوا
Chapter 8رساکشی
Chapter 9سڑک کیسے پار کریں
Chapter 10جاڑا
Chapter 11ننھی پرِی
Chapter 12ہمارے جانور
Chapter 13چاند
Chapter 14جنگل
Chapter 15 بھای مٹو اور گھڑی
Chapter 16نئ کہانی
Chapter 17کمپیوٹر
Chapter 18مرغا اور لومڑی
Chapter 19پہیلیاں
Chapter 20اسکول کا سالانہ جلسہ

If you are facing any difficulty while reading Urdu then you can listen to the audiobook of Ibtedai Urdu-2 here


CBSE NCERT books are one of the best books for class 2 students. It helps the students in building their foundation in class 2 subjects. The best thing is, these books have been prepared by the NCERT and hence they are most authentic and up to date. They are specially designed keeping in mind the learning abilities of the students and their language is kept simple so everyone can easily understand. If you are facing any issues or want to ask questions then feel free to message us.

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