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Persepolis is a graphic novel based on the true-life story of an Iranian girl during the Iran-Iraq war, and it is one of the most powerful & unusual non-fiction comic books ever written. The story portrays author of the book Marjane Satrapi’s life experiences during the Islamic revolution of Iran. In the duration of 2000 to 2003, there are 4 volumes of the book published.

The book shows the changes in her life during her teenage years and adulthood. Her memories start from her childhood days up to her adult years. It has won many awards and is one of the best-selling graphic novels. In America, Persepolis was selected as an Editor’s Choice by Amazon and was named the Best Debut of the Year 2007 by the LA Times. It is very popular among young people and high schoolers. Many of them even read it in school. This blog will look at the book in detail and at its different aspects.


The name “Persepolis” is taken from an ancient city Persia because the author wants to show the real history of Iran. It is one of the most widely read graphic novels in the world. It tells the story of Marjane Satrapi, a young girl growing up during the Islamic Revolution of Iran. She thinks the media is not showing the right image of Iran, that’s why Marjane wrote this book to show that real image.


Character NameRelation
Marjane SatrapiIranian Girl
Taji SatrapiMother of Marjane
Ebi SatrapiFather of Marjane
Uncle AnooshBrother of Marjane’s father Ebi
Uncle TaherHusband of Marjane’s Aunt
GrandmotherTaji’s Mother
MarkusFirst Lover of Marjane
MarcFrench School Graduate and Classfellow of Marjane
AnnaYounger Sister of Marc
RezaHusband of Marjane. She married him at the age of 21 & divorced at 24
JulieThe first friend of Marjane at Austrian School
ArmelleMother of Julie
BehzadA creative illustrator and colleague of Marjane
Yonnel ArrouasPhysics teacher of Marjane in Austria
Neda Baba-LevyNeighbor of Marjane
EnriqueFirst boyfriend of Marjane
FarzadFriend of Marjane at University
FarnazChildhood Friend of Marjane
GillaBy profession, Gilla is a Graphic Designer and Colleague of Marjane
Uncle FereydoonGrand Uncle of Marjane, Uncle of both Anoosh & Ebi
IngridFriend of Enrique
LalyDaughter of Siamak
HoushangHusband of Zozo
Jean PualClassfellow of Marjane at French High School
KhosroFake Passport Maker
KavehFriend of Marjane
MaliChildhood Friend of Taji
KiaChildhood Friend of Marjane
Dr. MPhilosophy & Politics Lover
Dr. HellerOwner of Boarding House in Vienna
LuciaAustrian Roommate of Marjane
AuntAunt of Marjane & Wife of Uncle Tahir
Mother SuperiorHead Nun at Vienna’s Boarding School
PeymanCousin of Marjane
Tehran MayorMayor of Tehran
MomoMarjane’s Classfellow at French School
MullahReligious Scholar
MohsenPrisoner in the Shah’s Regime
NasrineMaid of Marjane
OlivierFriend of Marjane
SiamakFather of Laly & Husband of Zozo
PardisseClassfellow of Marjane
RaminFriend of Marjane
ThierryFriend of Thierry
ShirinDaughter of Zozo
RoxanaFriend of Marjane
ShahabMale Cousin of Marjane
VictorDog of Dr. Heller
ZozoBest Friend of Taji

Book Details

Book FormatPdf
AuthorMarjane Satrapi
GenreAutobiographical Comic
Pdf Size27MB
Available LanguagesEnglish, Greek, Spanish
DownloadClick here
Published byPantheon Books

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