Physical Geography by Savindra Singh Pdf Full Book For UPSC, IAS, CSE, and SSC

Physical Geography by Savindra Singh Pdf is a book that covers various topics about the physical geography of Earth including India. The book provides an introduction to the study of earth from the surface, including its landforms and their distribution, and also discusses natural resources such as air, water, oil, and coal. It also includes data on climate change, pollution, and environmental issues.

It is best for the aspirants who are going to participate in state board exams, UPSC Prelims, CSE, IAS, MPPSC, WBCS, RAS, SSC CGL, and other competitive exams but it can be read by anyone who wishes to learn more about the world’s geography. This blog post will cover information on how you can get the latest edition in both English and Hindi language free.

Details about Physical Geography Book

Physical geography is the study of the Earth and its features. It explores how natural forces such as wind, water, ice, and gravity affect our planet’s surface. This book covers topics such as Earth origin, structure, rotation, revolution, mountains, seasons, volcanism, earthquakes, latitude, longitude, rocks, tides, glaciers, rivers, soil, wind, sea waves, and many others.

It is a comprehensive textbook on physical geography that has been written in an easy-to-understand format with diagrams to help readers visualize concepts better. The author discusses different types of landscapes found on earth including deserts and mountains which are both fascinating places to explore.

Book NamePhysical Geography
Author NameSavindra Singh
Book FormatPdf + Hard Form
EditionLatest 2022
PublishersPravalika Publication
Available LanguagesEnglish + Hindi
Best for Which Exam?UPSC, RAS ,CSE, IAS, SSC, WBCS,MPPSC

Contents of Book

The index of the book Physical Geography contains 52 chapters that are given below.

How to Download Physical Geography by Savindra Singh Pdf Latest Edition in Hindi and English free?

As the book physical geography contains all the syllabus given by UPSC and other boards so you can prepare your exams with it. If you are interested in getting this book, please click the box below to get the latest edition book.

Available in EnglishDownload
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About Author Savindra Singh

Savindra Singh was born and raised in a small village of Allahabad Prayagraj, India. He is a geography teacher. He has been teaching for over 20 years and wrote many books like Physical Geography, Environmental Geography, Morphology, Gully Erosion – Management Methods – Application, and Geoenvironmental Planning of Watersheds. He’s learned that with new textbooks come new challenges in trying to keep his students engaged with the material.

He believes that “understanding how different cultures interact and function within an ever-changing world will help them grow up better prepared for their futures.”


In how many languages is the Physical Geography book available?

The book was first published in the English language but due to the high demand of the students, it is now available in the Hindi language too. It has no other languages than these two.

Physical Geography by Savindra Singh or GC Leong – Which is enough for Competitive Exams?

According to us, both of them have delivered detailed concepts on geography around the globe. We have seen a hype of Savindra Singh’s Physical Geography for preparing competitive exams, even many expert teachers also recommend it. So, you can choose Savindra Singh’s book instead of GC Leong. We are not against any book, both of them are at their best.

Is it Best for Morphology or Not?

Yes, it is best for geomorphology due to the availability of maximum topics. You can easily get topics for Morphology in this book.


This book offers a comprehensive and detailed view of the whole world’s geography. From mountains to oceans, it covers what we know about lands and their natural features in a way that is both accessible and entertaining. If you have any questions on how to get this Pdf file for yourself or if you want more details about the contents of the book itself, please reach out! We would be happy to help get your copy today so you can start reading right away.

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