Rakesh Yadav Class Notes Maths Free PDF in English and Hindi

In this post, we are going to share Rakesh Yadav Class Notes Pdf free with all of you. These are one of the high-quality notes that provide easy solutions, reasoning, and better explanation of questions by using formulas. The book has two volumes that are further divided into chapters. You will get simple and easy exercises for hands-on practice. No, doubt this book is a perfect option for passing SSC CGL competitive exams.

When you complete a chapter day by day, it increases your knowledge and makes your concepts clear about every question of the book. It has up to 500 pages with 21 chapters of both volumes. Any student can take and understand easily because Sir Rakesh has provided a detailed solution to every question.

About Rakesh Yadav Class Notes Book

Here are some details about the notes that you must need to know:

AuthorRakesh Yadav
PublisherRakesh Yadav Readers Publication
Publication Date1 January 2019
Dimensions20 x 14 x 4 cm
Replacement Time7-10 Days Only

What are the Languages of the Book?

The book is available in the market with two main languages that are given below:

  • Hindi
  • English

List of Chapters in the Book

As I mentioned above, this book is divided into two volumes (Arithmetic and Advance Maths). You can see below the names of chapters with pages.

Volume-1 (Arithmetic)

  • Time and work (1-38)
  • Pipe and cistern (39-54)
  • Time and distance (55-101)
  • Boat and stream (102-109)
  • Percentage (111-140)
  • Profit and loss (141-167)
  • Mixture and Alligation (169-191)
  • Ratio and Proportion (192-201)
  • Partnership (202-208)
  • Average (209-220)
  • Compound interest (221-240)
  • Simple interest (241-254)

Volume-2 (Advance Maths)

  • Number System and Algebra (1-78)
  • HCF and LCM (79-92)
  • Geometry (93-146)
  • Co-ordinate geometry (147-158)
  • 2D-Mensuration (159-170)
  • 3D-Mensuration (171-209)
  • Trigonometry (211-251)
  • Height and distance (253-262)
  • Data interpretation (263-268)

This is a table of contents of the full book, you can easily read the names of chapters before taking it.

What is the Quality of Content and Pages of the Book?

These notes are available in both hard and soft form, if you want a hard copy then purchase it from a book shop or Amazon store. The printing quality of the book is good but the page quality is average. The page used in it is not of high quality so don’t worry you can easily read the content. If you are thinking to use a pdf book then its better because the notes available in the soft form are of high quality.

Is Rakesh Yadav Class Notes Enough for SSC CGL?

This question is difficult to answer for the teachers and authors who wrote different notes for competitive exams. But, Sir Rakesh accepted it with full confidence. He said, if a candidate studies these advance notes thoroughly with detailed answers and questions then it will enough for passing SSC CGL exams with good marks. You have to start reading and practicing this book now to gain good results.

Rakesh Yadav Class Notes Price

You can easily purchase these notes even from your pocket money because its cost is not much high. If you purchase it from Amazon then you will be charged ₹ 300 instead of ₹ 330. If you go on Flipkart, you will get it at ₹ 300. Now it’s your choice to choose the best seller.

How to Get Rakesh Yadav Class Notes Pdf Free in Hindi and English Medium?

We are not allowed to share the book because it is copyright protected. But don’t worry we can share our purchased version with you. We have a Hindi language version only that you can get free of cost by clicking the link below. You can also get this book app from the play store. For English language math notes you can visit amazon for purchasing. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is available on online platforms at an affordable price so take it now.


We suggest you start reading this book from today because it provides huge support in passing hard tests. These notes are much useful for those aspirants who are going to participate in SSC (LDC-CGL-DEO) and other competitive exams. So take a step now and give 1-2 hours daily for high positions.

Student Reviews

This book is for the advanced level because if your basic concepts are clear then you can easily get everything from this book. It helps me a lot.

By “Aarpit”

I love these notes because it helps me in the preparation of SSC CGL exams. I recommend to go for an English version. Thank You!

By “Manpreet Singh”

This book is good but you should also take Sir Rakesh Yadav’s lectures for clearing all concepts.

By “Bhavna Chaudhry”

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