Ration Card Correction Form Pdf – Easily Update Your Name, Address & Other Details

We know you are searching for ration card correction form pdf and luckily we found it for you. This application form helps you to correct the mistakes that you have done while filling the ration card form. You can correct the mistakes like changing name, adding the name of children, correction of names, date of birth, address, house number, job details, changing of a picture, correction of income, and NRI remarks.

Ration Card Correction Form Pdf Get According to Different States

Here we have provided the list wise states where you can get a digital e Ration Card form for online modification. Just find your relevant place or language from which you belong and get the correction form. We have collected ration card forms for all the possible states and cities of India, you can get them easily below.

Himachal Pradesh (HP)

People who belong to Himachal Pradesh can get the modification form below. If you want to correct mistakes or apply online then follow the links given here.


If you are from Delhi and want to make corrections in the ration card form then click the button to get your form. If you are not willing to do it offline then you can also apply and make modifications online.


Rajasthan is one of the most populated states of India with more than 69M population. The majority of the people are registered on the ration card scheme including the capital Jaipur.  The people who did mistakes while filling the form can get the application In Hindi and request to change the details. Follow the links below.

West Bengal (WB)

WB is a big state present on the eastern side of India with a population of more than 9 Crore (In 2011). According to Wikipedia, the public which is below the poverty line is about 19.98 % and the majority of people are from Kolkata. Every year thousands of people apply for ration scheme. People who want to change their name, age, or address on ration card can get the form in Bengali below from wbpds portal link, they can also make corrections online by clicking the given link.

Tamil Nadu (TN)

Individuals from Tamil Nadu who want to change their name, home address, or any other detail can get their application form by clicking the links below or also can apply online.

Andhra Pradesh (AP)

AP is also the most populated state of India with an area of 162,975 km2 and 49M population. No doubt, people take benefit from this ration card scheme issued by state governments. We have seen many cases that, people want to update their address or other required details. So we have a correction form for the AP public that can be easily obtained through the link below. Officials have also provided the option of online modification, now it’s your decision.

Telangana (TS)

The correction application in the Telugu language is available in both online and offline forms. You have to get a ration card meeseva Telangana by following the link given down. If you are living in Telangana or belongs to other languages then you can find the related form in this article and apply for correcting mistakes.

Chhattisgarh (CG)

People from CG can get their correction forms in pdf below this paragraph. From the 30M population, there are about 80% of families who are registered on this scheme. In most cases, people fill wrong details in the box and want to correct them. The process is much easy, just get the form and fill up all the blank boxes and post it to the officials. For online changings visit their official website and provide information what they are asking. Click the save button. Now you have updated the details. That’s it.

Uttar Pradesh (UP)

There are more than 204 million people who are living in UP with a literacy rate of 69.72%. The poverty rate in Uttar Pradesh is 29.43% and about 3.5 Crore people hold ration cards. Individuals who face any issue with their profile details and want to update it, they can get the correction form In Hindi by the given links. The next step is to fill and post to the government office. Your information will be updated within few days.


Bihar residents who have applied for a ration card scheme or want to update their address, name, or other details can get a modification form below. You should go for online changings of wrong details because it is an easy and fast process.  


Uttarakhand is located in the northern side of India with almost 11.4M population. People who do not know how to fill the form correctly are making mistakes. They can correct their mistakes by filling the correction application, you can get this form by clicking the link below.


Odisha, the state of an ancient Hindu temple and tribal cultures. It is present on the eastern side of India where you will found hundreds of old temples. Majority of the public from 46 Million of the population is registered on the ration card scheme.  Officials have received many requests about the changing of names, phone numbers, status, or other important details. So, they have provided a correction form that you can get below and make the changes which you want.


Individuals from Maharashtra (MH) can get the ration card correction form pdf in Hindi and Marathi with the help of the link given below. You can also visit their official site (Maha Food Gov In) for updating your profile online.


Jharkhand’s ration cardholders who want to correct their contact or personal details can get the correction form by the given links below. The available form language is Hindi, if you want it in any other language then scroll up and down to find the related form. We have provided almost all types of languages form in this post.


According to the latest report of Wikipedia, Haryana is the 18th highest populated state of India. The total population of the state is 2.95 Crores and 11.16% of people drop below the poverty line. Haryanvi’s who want to add new information to the ration card account or want to make any changes can get their corrections forms by following the link below. There is no fees or any other hard inquiry to make corrections in the form, just do it now.

For Rural & Urban

Yes, people who live in the urban or rural areas or any part of the country India can also update their wrong information by using the ration card correction form. Just read above the sections and find your relative areas to get the pdf form or online apply link.

For municipality

Individuals who come under the administration of Municipal Corporation can change their details like members of the house, head of the family, phone number, or other through the given modification form. Fill up the form carefully so you will never do any mistakes again.

For BPL (Below Poverty Line)

Basically, this scheme is especially for poor people who can get subsidized food at low prices on a monthly basis. People who are above the poverty line are also getting benefits from this program. We have given correction forms pdf for all states of India that are BPL. Go upside and take your free application.

Ration Card Correction Form Pdf Download According to Form Number

You can get here the correction forms according to the form numbers. Below the table, you can take the form that you want.

Form No.Download
IGet Here
IIGet Here
IIIGet Here
IVGet Here
VGet Here
VIGet Here
VIIGet Here
VIIIGet Here
IXGet Here
XGet Here
XIGet Here
XIIGet Here
XIIIGet Here
XIVGet Here
XVGet Here

How to Fill up Ration Card Correction Form?

At first, read the form carefully and check that all the details they have mentioned are available. For easy understanding, we have divided the process into the following steps.

  • The form contains Section A where you have to put your original name, ration card type, and ration card number.
  • In Section B, you have to tell about the District, Sub-Division, Block/Municipality, Ward Number, Village/Road/Street, Post Office, Pin Code, and name of the Police Station.
  • In Section C, provide details about your primary and secondary phone number, WhatsApp number, and email id.
  • Section D is the main part where you can make corrections. Fill the right detail of the member in the box. If you want to do a modification for more members then you can fill the next box.
  • In Section E you have to give details about the total DRC holders of your family. The details contain Digital Ration Card Number, Card Category, Adhar number with a copy attached, and your disability status.

So this is the simplest method that helps you to make changes in the ration card form easily. You can also apply it online.

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