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The majority of the people have fear of taking risks in their lives, they don’t want to do any investment in the business. These types of people love to job even with a low pay salary, but in reality, they are working for money. On the other hand, people like millionaires or billionaires have money that works for them. That’s the reason why rich people are less in the whole world population. So, the author Robert Kiyosaki wants to change the minds of people with his book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

This book was first time published in 1997 by warner books. You can download the latest updated edition including the 20th-anniversary edition pdf & ppt here in this article.


Kiyosaki was the son of a poor dad who is highly educated person doing a job with a handsome salary, but he is not a rich man. His friend Mike was the son of a rich dad who is a businessman and the richest guy. Poor dad always insists Robert to go for a job, but he is influenced by the rich dad who is not much educated. He always wants to know how Mike is living a luxurious life. One day, Kiyosaki said Mike to meet his father. Mike takes him home to have a meeting with his rich dad.

Rich dad provided both of them a job offer. He said, “I will pay you 10 cents for working in my departmental store”. Robert starts working in his departmental store where he does too much hard work just for 10cents. He realized I become a slave in the name of a job. Then, he again meets with rich dad and told him the whole situation. Mike’s dad again offered him the same job but for $5. At that time, pay is much increased. But, Kiyosaki rejects his offer and rich dad is happy with his decision. The rich dad start giving him lessons about fear of making investments in the business, laziness, obstacles, & other factors.


The contents of the book are given below:

No.Lesson Name
IntroductionRich Dad Poor Dad
Chapter 1The Rich Don’t Work for Money
Chapter 2Why Teach Financial Literacy?
Chapter 3Mind Your Own Business
Chapter 4The History of Taxes and the Power of Corporations
Chapter 5The Rich Invent Money
Chapter 6 Work to Learn—Don’t Work for Money
Chapter 7Overcoming Obstacles
Chapter 8Getting Started
Chapter 9Still, Want More? Here Are Some To Do’s
Final Thoughts


There are four characters in Rich Dad Poor Dad book:

  • Robert Kiyosaki: Son of Poor Dad
  • Mike: Son of Rich Dad (Study in school with Robert)
  • Rich Dad: Mike’s father
  • Poor Dad: Father of Robert Kiyosaki

The whole story of the book revolves around these four characters. For more understanding see the given diagram below

Rich Dad Poor Dad Character Diagram

Available Languages of the Book

This book is most popular worldwide so everyone wants to follow the rules, facts, and advice shared by the writer Robert Kiyosaki. It is available in 51 languages with 27Million copies around the globe. Here you can download the book in different versions, get an audiobook or mp3, and also listen to podcasts to get brief details.

LanguagePdf DownloadAudiobook/Mp3Podcast
EnglishDownloadGet HereListen
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Comparison with Other Books – Which One is better?


Is Rich Dad Poor Dad Worth Reading?

Rich Dad Poor Dad is an amazing book that teaches you the difference between how rich people think and how poor people think. Many people are poor not because they are less intelligent, but because they are less rich in the mind. The author gives you many powerful thoughts which can help you understand the many things in life, things which you otherwise take for granted, but can really affect your life.

This book is a great way to start learning financial management. It is a must-read for every individual who hopes to make a financial leap in the future. The book has helped millions of people to overcome their financial struggles.

Is it available second-hand?

Yes, it is available in second-hand edition and you can take it from any online store or a book shop in your area.

Is Rich Dad Poor Dad a Fiction?

No, this book is not fiction. It is based on true events and facts that Robert Kiyosaki has faced in his life.

Who is the Rich Dad in Rich Dad Poor Dad?

The rich dad in this book is the father of his friend Mike who is studying in the same school. Mike’s father (Rich Dad) is a successful businessman and one of the richest men in America, Kiyosaki is much inspired by Mike’s father that’s why he called him rich dad.

What are the 4 Cashflow quadrants in Rich Dad?

The four Cashflow quadrants (ESBI System) are given below:

  • E = Employ (It means you have a job)
  • S = Self Employed (You own a job)
  • B = Business Owner (You own a system that works under your supervision)
  • I = Investor (Money works for you)

Is this book faced any criticism?

Yes, it faced criticism from American Businessmen like John T. Reed & Rob Walker. They stated that “Robert Kiyosaki is giving wrong advice and facts in his book; His advises have no connection with reality and mentioned wrong things in the book”. Rob also said “this book is giving wrong financial advice to the people”

How many Rich Dad Poor Dad books are there?

In the series of Rich Dad Poor Dad, there are 26 books that help readers to understand the concept of why he/she needs to become an entrepreneur instead of doing a job.

Is Rich Dad Poor Dad a Novel?

According to the author, the genre of the book is personal finance and it is non-fictional. So, it is not a novel because the book shares reality facts, personal experiences, & risky investments that the author had made.

Can college students read this book?

Yes, if a student or a teen wants to learn about how he/she can manage his finances in the future. If they are thinking to get a handsome job, so this book helps to change their mindset. They will be able to learn that “do not work for money, money works for you”.

Those students or teens who are interested in becoming investors should definitely read this book.

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