Rich Dad Poor Dad vs Intelligent Investor – 4 Reasons Why You Should Read Benjamin Graham’s Book

Many of you are curious to know which book is good for getting knowledge about finance, business, investments, & others. In this article, we will help you to choose Rich Dad Poor Dad vs Intelligent Investor which book one of them is best for you and give reasons why it is. Even if you are a beginner or Pro we are going to share a complete guide here.

Rich Dad Poor Dad vs Intelligent Investor – Which is best for a Pro?

Rich Dad Poor Dad

In this book, the author Robert Kiyosaki tells the story of his life, how he grew up. He is much impressed with the lifestyle of his friend Mike and Rich dad. Robert’s father (poor dad) is a hardworking guy and doing a handsome job but he is not impressed with his father and that’s the main point. As he is following rich dad from his childhood then he started questioning how things work. This increases the interest of Robert in business, making investments, and taking risks in life.

Kiyosaki’s book is best for beginners who don’t have any knowledge about finance, and business. The book is easy to read and every guy can easily pick up all the concepts. It is also available in pdf version so you can download it free from here.

Intelligent Investor

The author of Intelligent Investor is Benjamin Graham who is an American Economist and one of the biggest investors in history. This book was first time published in 1949 and become popular within no time due to different successful strategies for making investments in the stock market. It shares what are the risks while investing in the market and how people can play in a safe circle. All the facts that he mentioned in the book are not just guesses. He actually researched the things, implemented them, & and also got results.

If you are a pro and already know the skills for investing in the market then you should read this book to get more new ideas.

4 Reasons Why Intelligent Investor Book is Best

  1. It is an ultimate guide for professionals who are working in the market and want to explore more new things.
  2. The writer has not made any predictions, he shared his real life experiences.
  3. Faced no criticism
  4. Easy to understand


We are not saying one book is bad for reading and one is good. Both are best for knowing how the market works. If you have zero information about business then go for rich dad poor dad, and if you know a little bit of working in the market and must-read Intelligent Investor.

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