Rich Dad Poor Dad vs Think and Grow Rich – Best Comparison You Should Read

If you are a businessman, investor, or seeking to learn how to become a successful rich man then you should read Rich Dad Poor Dad and Think & Grow Rich. These books share complete insight into the market, what type of challenges or failures the authors have faced and how you can overcome them & much more. Most of the readers want to know which book they should read first that also clear basic understandings. So, in this article, we are going to compare the book from Robert Kiyosaki and Napoleon Hill.

Think and Grow Rich

The author of Think and Grow Rich is Napoleon Hill and it is written in 1937. Hill calls himself a learner because he continues learning different types of rich people, their lifestyle, and what things they have adopted to become successful. He noted the common things from the life of rich people that are given below:

Burning Desire

It doesn’t mean you have some wishes to fulfill in life, but you should be passionate about getting things. He mentioned the hard work of Thomas Edison who invented the bulb after 1000 unsuccessful tries. Thomas never gives up; he learns from his mistakes and never demotivated himself. He tried and failed many times but one day he succeeded in his mission and proudly invented the bulb. If a man has this type of burning desire, then he is going to conquer the world.

Set your Goals

The writer says you have to set your goals and do detailed planning of what you will achieve and in how much time. Start working on the goal and refresh your mission regularly, in this way you will never compromise with the things you’ve decided.

Have a Firm Faith

You should have a strong belief in yourself that you can do anything even if failed many times. He is really inspired by Mahatma Gandhi who fights against British rulers for freedom. He has no weapons and no force for fighting but he actually has the power of inspiring the people. Gandhi motivated his people which lead to end of the British Raj. So, keep the faith and work hard to achieve your goals.

“Most so called failures are only temporary defeats”

Napoleon Hill

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad is also one of the most popular books in the world of finance. The author is son of a poor dad but from his childhood, he followed Rich dad who is the father of this friend Mike. He learned a lot of things from Rich Dad and how to become a successful investor.

Robert claims that he has mentioned all the real facts in his book including what failures he has faced and how you can save yourself from them. If you want to know more about this book in detail then read here.


Both of the books are good at their place, you can read these two books for getting maximum knowledge about the finance industry. Rich Dad Poor Dad shares real knowledge of becoming a rich man, & Think and Grow Rich provides you the rules, fundamentals, and motivation for getting a successful rich life.  

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