What is Assertive Sentence? Learn Its Two Types With Complete Explanation

In this article, you will learn about what is assertive sentence, how to construct it, how it is different from other sentences, and how to identify it with the help of examples. We will also explain you the types of assertive sentences and give exercises at last for your practice. So, read with full concentration to get the main concept.

What is Assertive Sentence?

In English grammar an assertive sentence is also known as a declarative sentence, it is used to express your opinion, idea, suggestion, decision, or any other fact. We can use assertive sentences to show our feelings, emotions, ideas, etc. It can also be used to convince others regarding our point of view.

A strange thing is that, at times, we often use passive sentences to express our feelings, emotions, or ideas. And at other times, we use active sentences to express this feeling, emotion, or idea.

These thoughts are not formed in our minds but are received from others. Here are some examples that help to increase your understanding.

How to Construct an Assertive Sentence?

In simple words, an assertive sentence tells us to assert something like an idea, judgment, incident, and others. You can make its sentence by telling about someone’s personality in a positive and negative way. These are simple sentences to state an event. It’s a rule that whenever you finish making assertive sentences put a full stop (.) at the end.

Types of Assertive Sentences

There are two types of assertive sentences, the first is affirmative, and the second one is negative. Let’s discuss them in detail:

Positive/Affirmative Assertive Sentence

We can say that it is a type of sentence that is written to actively state your opinion without seeming rude or aggressive. It is a positive way of informing the listener about your position, idea, or statement. In writing this sentence the writer should always keep his/her focus on the positive aspect. See the examples below:

  • He is studying well.
  • They opened cinema for us.
  • He is brilliant teacher.
  • She completes the task.
  • Louis deserves a good performance award.
  • Greengrocer is gave vegetables on good price.
  • They are singing melodious songs.
  • She is my biggest well-wisher.
  • Olivia likes to play cricket.
  • Bob joined us for studies.
  • He is happy with the relationship.
  • We can live without food.
  • Mechanic is repairing my car.
  • Nancy wears a beautiful dress on function.
  • Mark is an intelligent man.
  • He is allowed to participate in any project.
  • She is listening the music.
  • Sara returns all my money.
  • Thomas write poems.
  • He is helping me to solve the issue.
  • Maria knows how to cook.
  • Jack is an honest man.
  • The laundry man is washing our clothes.
  • He is going to school.
  • He is a good magician to perform on America Got Talent.

Negative Assertive Sentence

This type of assertive sentence contains negative words, it shows the negative action or behavior of a person. In simple words, it is the opposite of an affirmative sentence where we see negativity in a statement. We take an example of the sentence “He is not drinking coffee”, this is a negative assertive sentence because the word “not” is used in it. Let’s learn more with the help of extra examples.

  • Jack is not an honest man.
  • He is not a teacher.
  • She cannot complete the task.
  • Thomas doesn’t write poems.
  • He is not studying perfectly.
  • They are not singing well.
  • She is not my well-wisher.
  • Olivia don’t like to play cricket.
  • Bob is not joining us for studies.
  • He is not happy with the relationship.
  • We can’t live without food.
  • Mark is not an intelligent man.
  • He is not going to school.
  • The mechanic is not repairing my car.
  • Nancy is not wearing a beautiful dress on function.
  • He is not allowed to participate in any project.
  • She is not listening the music.
  • Louis does not deserve a good performance award.
  • He is not helping me to solve the issue.
  • Sara is not returning my money.
  • He is not a good magician to perform on America Got Talent.
  • Maria doesn’t know how to cook.
  • The laundry man is not washing our clothes.
  • They are not opening cinema for us.
  • Greengrocer is not reducing the price of vegetables.

How Assertive Sentence is Different from Other Sentences?

Yes, it is different from other sentences because in this type there are no questions to be asked. You will not need any strong excitement to show like in exclamatory. There is a need to command, order, or request action. That’s all!


Last Words

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